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Born from a
Mother's Love

Introducing Shishu

Anchored in the passion of a mother and the precision of a scientist, Shishu is set to redefine baby and mother care norms. Prioritizing cleanliness, safety, and trust, the brand is dedicated to offering premium, organic solutions for infants' and mothers' well-being.

Each product epitomizes a harmonious blend of scientific research and a mother's tender care, ensuring they are both gentle and efficacious, devoid of harsh chemicals. Beyond being a mere brand, Shishu is an ally in ushering parents into a realm of quality care. It's a journey marked by assurance and empathy, where science converges with affection for a more enriched parenting experience.


Discover the future of baby and mother care with Shishu, a brand committed to nurturing the bond between mothers and their little ones. With Shishu, parents embark on a voyage of clean and safe baby and mother care that signifies both love and expertise, harmoniously intertwined for the betterment of families.


A dedicated mother of two beautiful daughters, an accomplished scientist, and an avid skincare enthusiast, she found her truest expression in the creation of Shishu. The genesis of Shishu, a word that encapsulates the innocence of an infant in Sanskrit, occurred during her second pregnancy amidst the economic turbulence of mid-2022 in Sri Lanka.

Faced with a dearth of accessible and trusted baby products during a crucial time, she was inspired to meld her roles as a mother, scientist, and skincare aficionado. This fusion birthed Shishu, a brand that resonates with her multifaceted identity and embodies her unwavering standards.

Her meticulousness extended to every aspect, as she sought products that met her discerning criteria, while also reflecting the genuine needs of mothers. The prevailing market offerings fell short of her exacting expectations, leading her to ponder why a comprehensive range of mother-tested, locally developed baby products remained elusive.

Thus, Products by Shishu emerged – a testament to the profound understanding only a mother possesses when it comes to her child's well-being. Each creation is a manifestation of maternal devotion, carefully curated to caress delicate baby skin. Encompassing primarily natural, top-tier ingredients, these products are a testament to her minimalist philosophy, embodying the belief that less is unequivocally more in the realm of baby skincare.

Love, Fueled by science

Natural source of vitamins and antioxidants, calms irritation, enhances skin's softness and elasticity.

Gentle moisturizer, mimics natural skin oils, soothes and nourishes baby's delicate skin effectively.

Mild fragrance, rich in vitamin C, promotes healthy skin, and adds a refreshing touch.

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