Dermatologically tested in Europe | Clinically Proven | Non Irritant Formula

Born from a
Mother's Love

Shishu is dedicated to sourcing and incorporating clean ingredients that embody the brand's core values of safety and purity. These thoughtfully chosen elements encapsulate the essence of natural goodness, aligning perfectly with the brand's mission of providing safe and organic baby care and mother care solutions. Shishu's commitment to cleanliness ensures that these ingredients are devoid of harsh chemicals and toxins, catering to the unique needs of babies and mothers.


By harnessing the power of these clean ingredients, Shishu delivers a harmonious blend of science and nature, offering families a nurturing and wholesome experience. This deliberate choice speaks volumes about Shishu's commitment to ensuring that every product is gentle, effective, and trustworthy, reflecting a brand that cares deeply about the well-being of both little ones and their caregivers.


For the delicate
needs of your soul

Made in Sri Lanka

Shishu products are proudly crafted in Sri Lanka, supporting local industry and resources.

Dermatologically Tested

Each Shishu product undergoes rigorous testing by dermatologists to ensure it's safe for delicate baby skin.

Science Backed

Shishu products are developed using the latest scientific insights for effective baby care.

Developed by Parents

Created by parents who understand the needs and concerns of fellow parents, ensuring genuine care and understanding.

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